At Zuneeue, our Confirmit programming team offers unparalleled solutions and services. With over 30 years of cumulative experience and diversity of tasks undertaken, the survey programming offered in Confirmit is a true delight to work with.

we offer:

  • Custom Requirements using external databases, HTML and JavaScript, JQuery and many more allied technologies (E.g. Facebook and Twitter integration, Clickable phrases, image mapping, video rating, etc.) can be handled by our team.
  • We offer an enhanced brand experience through well designed and refreshing Survey Layouts
  • The team can work on complex requirements like Conjoints, Discrete Choice Models, Segmentation, and many more Complex Methodologies required for research
  • To top the experience, we provide not just programming solutions, but also mark Process Improvements and Scalable Solutions to ensure consistent delivery.
  • With in-house support from the Information Technology team, Automation is just another method of making the survey programming more cost-effective and time-efficient.
  • Mobile optimization of the Surveys for better user experience.
  • Accessibility development to make surveys user-friendly for the disabled
Custom Requirements
Survey Layouts
Complex Methodologies
Process Improvements and Scalable Solutions
Data Integrity
Quick Turnaround
Competitive Costing